Taylor Boswell


Why I Lagree: It’s incredibly effective! Lagree allows me to challenge myself both mentally and physically when working out. The Lagree method has not only helped me improve my full body strength but it has also taught me proper form and endurance which has led me to achieve my goals to become stronger and more toned. In addition, the energy among the clients and trainers creates an upbeat and positive environment that encourages me to push harder and leaves me feeling joyful after every class.

Favorite Lagree Exercise: Spider Lunge and Twister

Favorite Muscle Groups to Target: Obliques and Glutes

Certifications: Lagree Instructor Certified

Fun Fact: I have a special love for animals and foster pugs with my family through a rescue organization to help each pug find their forever home!

Taylor was born and raised in Georgia and moved to Arvada, Colorado in 2015. After completing high school she moved up to Fort Collins to continue her education at CSU and is currently studying landscape design and contracting. Taylor’s hobbies include working out, cooking, spending time with family and her four-legged friends, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors!