Find out more info on first class etiquette, the workout & more

Frequently Asked Questions


Who Can Do the Workout?

– Must be 18 years or older

– If you have any health conditions or major injuries please seek approval from your doctor before taking class

– Our classes are extremely unique and no two classes are the same so be ready to try something new and be patient with yourself and our instructors

Pregnancy: Lagree fitness classes are a HIGH intensity core workout. Safety of expecting mothers and child is top priority. If an expecting mother has not been taking classes at Fit5 Studio prior to pregnancy, group class participation is not permitted. We offer private training sessions tailored to provide a safe and moderate intensity workout on the Megaformer. Please contact us to learn more about our private sessions.

– We only allow clients to take one class per day


What Should I Bring to Class?

– Comfortable workout clothes that will allow you full range of motion movement. Get ready to sweat!

Grip socks are required to be worn throughout the entire workout for your safety. Don’t have any? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. You can purchase a pair in the studio.

– Water bottle. Our classes are 45 minutes without any breaks. If you need a water break, listen to your body and feel free to stop and drink water.

First Class & Studio Arrival Etiquette:

First Class Etiquette: Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of class for an intro to the Megaformer, an orientation of the studio/workout and to discuss any injuries/concerns you may have. Late arrivals will not be allowed to take class because we need adequate time for the intro to the Megaformer.

Late Arrival Policy: Late arrivals will not be allowed. It can be a distraction to the other clients and the instructor. Please arrive early before the start of class. Your spot may be given to a client waiting on standby if you are not on time.

How Does the Waitlist Work?

– If the class is full you will have an option to add yourself to the waitlist. Once added, it will tell you what number you are on the list.

– If a spot becomes available, you will receive an automated email and will be automatically added to the class. Please make sure you have enabled email notifications in your account settings.

– If you do not make it off the waitlist, feel free to check other class times as last minute spots may become available.

What are your Late Cancels/No Show policies?

– Please reference our “Policies” page in regards to late cancel/no show fees, cell phones, kids, membership cancelation requests, etc.