Wendy DiMartino


Why I Lagree: It’s the high intensity and low impact of Lagree that makes this workout different than any I have ever done. When I first started I saw positive changes in my body after just a few workouts.  Also, I love that there are are hundreds of different workout sequences that target every muscle in the body.

IG Handle: @wendy_lagree_addict

Favorite Lagree Exercise:  Spider Kick & French Twist

Favorite Muscle Groups to Target: Glutes



Level 2 Lagree Instructor Certified

Advanced Level 2: Form & Alignment

Advanced Level 2: Effective Cueing

Advanced Level 2: Time Effective Teaching


Fun Fact: If you want great seats to concerts, I am your “ticketmaster”. I have a solid track record for scoring great seats to see some of my favorite artists – Coldplay, Khalid, Taylor Swift, Roger Waters/David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Pearl Jam, One Republic, Ed Sheeran….the list goes on. I have even had the chance to meet my favorite artist twice – Keith Urban. My kids like to call me “Wendy Urban”.

Wendy is a transplant from WI where she grew up watching the Green Bay Packers, enjoying Kopp’s custard and drinking beer (her dad worked at Pabst Brewery for 30+ years).  She has her bachelor’s degree from Purdue University and her master’s from the University of Wisconsin.  When not on the Megaformer or spending time with family and friends, Wendy is a VP for a billion-dollar, global management consulting firm – her lifelong career dream job. Wendy’s pride and joy are her two children;  Mikayla who plays soccer at the collegiate level and Jake who is a rock star skier and multi-sport lover of soccer, baseball and golf.