Susie Hecker


Why I Lagree: Lagree is hands down the best workout regiment I have ever done and with the quickest results I have found in my entire fitness career.  My core has never been so strong and I feel better and stronger then ever after starting Lagree only a year and a half ago. Lagree tests not only your physical self but also your mental mind. It takes strength not only physically but mentally to get through the low impact yet high intensity 45 minute workout. And bonus one of the many amazing things about Lagree is that virtually anyone can do it!

Favorite Lagree Exercise: Dancing Bear

Favorite Muscle Group to Target: Obliques & core Certifications: Lagree Instructor Certified

Fun Fact: I have my cosmetology license and I am a certified yoga instructor. Also, I am a mom of 5 kids!

Susie & her children moved to Fort Collins 12 years ago from Lawrence, Kansas where she was born and raised. She moved to Fort Collins for the change in climate and for all the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer. She has been a physically active person her entire life. She ran cross country and long distance track through middle and high school. Also trying every sport she could get her hands on. Susie first fell in love with Lagree after taking her very first class in 2020. Right away she knew that Lagree would not only make her physically and mentally stronger but it also provided her an hour of “me” time that she very much needed at that point in her life. Susie is so thankful she found Lagree and is so excited to teach and share Lagree with this amazing studio and family-like community at Fit5!