Jen Hakkarinen


Why I Lagree:  It never gets easier our bodies get stronger! I love that Lagree is a full body workout that gets me shaking every single time. It’s high-intensity, low impact through a unique mix of movements and I feel stronger and more confident after every class!

Favorite Lagree Exercise: Newspaper & French Twist

Favorite Muscle Group to Target: Arms & Obliques

Certifications: Lagree Instructor Certified

Fun Fact: My all-time favorite activity is hiking/ mountaineering and I am currently working on climbing all 46 of Colorado’s Centennial 13,000’ peaks hoping to finish that challenge this summer!

Jen grew up in Firestone, Colorado and moved to Glenwood Springs after high school to teach ski lessons on the west slope and explore the outdoors while working towards a degree in Social work. After graduating Jen moved to Denver where she first discovered her love of Lagree. Making the move to Loveland, Colorado in 2020 she found the Fit5 Studio and the rest is history! Jen has been active her entire life and has a passion for all things fitness and outdoors. She enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, mountaineering, wake surfing and trail running.