Amber Morgan


Why I Lagree: I love Lagree for the mind body connection. I have not found a workout that challenges me as much mentally as it does physically. Each class brings out a different level of strength, skill and power from within. I feel more empowered and accomplished with each and every class than the one before. My love of Lagree had me jumping at the chance to get certified at the end of 2023. I cannot wait to share my expanded knowledge and passion with others.

Favorite Lagree Exercise: French Twist and Mermaid Crunch

Favorite Muscle Groups to Target: Obliques

Certifications: Lagree Instructor Certified

Fun Fact: I love interior design and party planning. Every aspect of entertaining, from planning and inception to cooking and executing. I love caring for those I love. I am passionate about music and animals as well as traveling, cooking and working out. 

Amber was born and raised in Southern California . She grew up a dancing all her life. Amber studied hotel and hospitality management. Her family, which includes, husband Mark, sons Terin and Slater as well as three dogs, moved to Fort Collins five years ago. Amber has loved experiencing the seasons and all things outdoors in Northern Colorado. In her free time she loves to hike and be outdoors. She loves to travel and spend time with friends and family as well as enjoy lake days on the boat.