Kelsey Vance


Why I Lagree:  I Lagree because of the strength it not only brings to my body physically but also mentally. Building strength through the continuous slow movement has trained my mind and body to never give up and to continue to improve. Also, I love the definition of my muscles that comes from my Lagree practice.

IG handle: @_Kelsey.vance_

Favorite Lagree Exercise: Bungee

Favorite Muscle Group to Target: Obliques



Level 2 Lagree Instructor Certified

Advanced Level 2: Form & Alignment

Advanced Level 2: Effective Cueing

Advanced Level 2: Time Effective Teaching


Fun Fact: I love finding the best restaurants in town. I’m a wannabe “foodie.” I try to go to a new restaurant every time I go out. If they have a good happy hour, then that’s even better.

Kelsey was born and raised in California, and growing up, she always had a passion for health and fitness. Kelsey graduated from Cal State Bakersfield with a degree in education. In college is where Kelsey discovered Lagree. She started her Lagree practice, At LVL fitness in Bakersfield, California. Kelsey has been practicing and instructing Lagree since 2017. Teaching Lagree was a perfect outlet for Kelsey to combine both her passions of teaching and fitness. After her first class, she knew that Lagree would have a lasting impact on her life and knew she wanted to make Lagree a part of her career path. Moving to Fort Collins, Colorado in 2019, Kelsey was so happy to find the Lagree Community at Fit5. She is excited to be a part of the team and spread her passion for Lagree to others. 

Certifications: Lagree Fitness Instructor