Jena Ruvolo


Why I Lagree:  Number one is the community at Fit5. Community for exercise is really important to me and everyone at Fit5 is and always has been so welcoming, non-judgmental, encouraging and not at all discouraging. Lagree has turned into my happy place. The low impact and slow movements are ideal for me and how I like to workout. Lagree has also been the most effective workout I have ever done,. I am the strongest version of myself that I have ever been.

Favorite Lagree Exercise: It is a love/hate relationship with Runners Lunge!

Favorite Muscle Group to Target: I like to target legs the most because it is my strongest muscle and I feel the love/hate burn quickest!

Certifications: Lagree Instructor Certified

Fun Fact: I am a Colorado native! Which is hard to find anymore ha. I also have really deep agricultural roots and enjoy all things western!

Jena was born and raised in Northern Colorado, Eaton to be exact. She left briefly to go to school at CU Boulder (Go Buffs!), moved to the western slope (Grand Junction) after college for a few years and then came back to Northern Colorado to start her family. She has been married to her husband, Mike, for 11 years and have two children together. Their daughter, Faith, is 6 and in kindergarten. Their son, Tripp, is 4 and in preschool. Jena & Mike own several XGolf businesses throughout Colorado and recently just opened one in Omaha, NE. Jena has taught fitness before and is looking forward to this new adventure of teaching Lagree!