Alyssa Sabyan


Why I Lagree:  I love Lagree because of how low impact, but high intensity the workout is. All my life I have played high impact, joint pounding sports, and I knew I needed to find something easier on my body. Lagree offers so much and all ages can participate, it effectively combines strength, cardio, and flexibility. It has changed my body, and I noticed how well it compliments all the other activities I enjoy doing. I could tell my endurance was better, core strength had improved, and most importantly my mental strength. It has truly transformed my body.

Favorite Lagree Exercise: Runners Lunge

Favorite Muscle Group to Target: Obliques

Fun Fact: I was born on Leap Day.

Alyssa was born in Bismarck, ND. She graduated from the University of Mary with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Master’s of Science (Occupational Therapy). She was also a collegiate athlete, played soccer all 4 years at the University of Mary. Alyssa moved to Colorado in 2015 where she works as an Occupational Therapist. She is passionate about health, fitness, and staying active.